Why Trust Hawk For Your Flooring Needs

//Why Trust Hawk For Your Flooring Needs

Why Trust Hawk For Your Flooring Needs

It is easy for anyone to write or say bold statements however delivery of those statements can be another thing entirely. Here at Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings we have been applying floor coatings for our customers for fourteen years and we have come to know what works and what does not.

During those fourteen we have gained knowledge of what there is to know about concrete and how to protect it. An example of this is concrete and paint don’t mix. Despite what your paint store representative tells you, and what the professional painter quotes you, paint has a long track record for peeling off concrete floors.

At Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings we will advise you on the best product which can be tailored for your business or personal needs. Let us help you navigate the jungle of concrete floor coatings so that you can choose the right flooring system.

We install the floor coatings fast so there is less inconvenience to you or your business. We can tailor your flooring to your business needs for example, demarcation line marking, anti slip floor coating or concrete waterproofing and we have flooring to fit your budget.

See Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings as enhancing your business by providing flooring that lasts. This fact should put your mind at rest but do not just take it from us. Check out what one of our customers said.

“They are an amazing bunch of people. Really high standards set and maintained in all aspects of the job.” – David B

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Rhett Jenkins is the founder and Director of Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings. Rhett's reputation for the flooring industry extends well beyond Hawk CFC's opening in 2014 and he is well-known in the flooring industry for his expert knowledge and industry experience.

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